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Advanced Career School
Medical Aesthetician expert cultivation training


"Together we will Succeed" 

ALAI knows that beauty originates from both heart and soul.

Our dedicated professionals handle every aspect of our clients’ beauty needs with care and respect.

Come experience the IPPO DARO "Korean Beautiful Princess - Muñeca de sololoy "

effects and book an appointment today!

Through internationalization, high-tech, and practical use in the field, we will grow into a "Sustainable Professional Medical Aesthetics School".


The main purpose of AMERICAN LASER & AESTHETICS INSTITUTE is to prepare students to become successful members of the aesthetic profession. To achieve this the goal, AMERICAN LASER & AESTHETICS learns a variety of techniques.

shall be to provide a safe, friendly, professional classroom and hands-on environment where qualified individuals may come to learn the science and art of Medical Cosmetic Laser Usage, advanced medical aesthetics, beauty enhancement course, medical cosmetic courses.  We also provide our students with the tools for successful self-marketing in a competitive, ever-growing, billion-dollar industry.

In the same way, in life, some are slaves of ambition or money, but others are interested in understanding life itself. These give themselves the name of philosophers (lovers of wisdom), and they value the  contemplation and discovery of nature beyond all other pursuits. An educational philosophy cannot be static. Rather it is an ever-evolving process. It is important that one’s philosophy is linked to ecological and practical experience training related to what we learn about.

Moreover, one's direct experience as an instructor puts theories to the test, allowing the educator to experiment with what works best given the circumstances. In every case, teaching and learning, in a classroom, requires a well designed curriculum steeped in evidenced-based, teaching methods.

A theoretically sound curriculum the design includes components that a) employ one or more learning systems such as behavioralism, Field adaptation ability and Continuous upgrade of new science and technology trans, 

b) assists students in gaining self-understanding regarding their individual predisposition for learning in a classroom environment (Individual customized education support)

c) clarifies instructor and student roles and expectations of one another, 

d) effectively uses instructional technology when appropriate and 

e) utilize formative and summative assessments for accurately evaluating the degree to which students meet course objectives and personal learning goals.

My role as the educator is to assist in organizing material so it fits with one's past experience and vision for their future. In contrast to a traditional view of teaching, sometimes referred to as the “sage on the stage,” the term“course facilitator” better characterizes the learner-centered educator. (Focusing the on practical services)

The school philosophy is the foundation in which the institution significantly impacts the lives of many school graduates. We believe that the field in advanced courses will provide many opportunities for men and women.

Nowadays, it is difficult to find a job to be compared with the words " camel enters the eye of the needle."
Nowadays, the importance of a new business area where beauty is combined with medical technology is getting bigger.

It is an educational program to acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required by the job with the aim of new employment, re-employment, and start-up.

The American Laser & Aesthetics Institute San Antonio, Texas empowers our students and communities to achieve, succeed, and prosper.

The American Laser & Aesthetics Institute is recognized as a leader among community colleges in fostering student success, shared governance, and performance excellence.

Values (I-LEAD)
Integrity: We place fairness, honesty, transparency, and trust at the center of all decisions, policies, and operations.

Lifelong Learning: We foster curious minds, continuous learning, and a broad-based education to enhance creative thinking, problem solving, innovation, and principled leadership.

Excellence: We achieve and surpass our goals through continuous performance improvement and commitment to — and quality in — teaching, learning, scholarship, service, and administration.

Academic Freedom: We embrace freedom of thought and speech in support of teaching, learning, communication, shared governance, and responsible civic engagement.

Diversity: We value the integration of different backgrounds and perspectives among students, faculty, staff, and community members as a way to collaborate and promote creativity, innovation, and growth. 


Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing


ALAI is a fully accredited institution offering fifties of government Licenses and certificates in school programs with 37 Licenses and certificates available entirely online. 

We invite you to take your next step toward a successful future today.



Our administration consists of a diverse group of academic and non-academic professionals dedicated to supporting all ALAI students, faculty and staff.

  • Academic Affairs

  • General Counsel

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Medical Aesthetics Lab.

  • Ippo Daro Med Spa

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