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Advanced Career School
Medical Aesthetician expert cultivation training


"Together we will Succeed" 

ALAI knows that beauty originates from both heart and soul.

Our dedicated professionals handle every aspect of our client’s beauty needs with care and respect.

Come experience the IPPO DARO "Korean Beautiful Princess - Muñeca de sololoy "

effects and book an appointment today!

Through internationalization, high-tech, and practical use in the field, we will grow into a "Sustainable Professional Medical Aesthetics School".

American Laser & Aesthetics Institute: Essence

  • Purpose: Train students for aesthetic industry success, using hands-on, professional techniques.

  • Courses: Cover Medical Cosmetic Laser, advanced aesthetics, and marketing skills.

  • Philosophy: Merges theory with practice, emphasizing individual learning, technology integration, and effective assessment.

  • Educator's Role: Facilitate learning tailored to students' experiences and goals.

  • Impact: Prepares for careers in the evolving beauty-medical field.

  • Mission: Empower students in San Antonio, Texas, for achievement and growth.

  • Vision: Aspire to be a community college leader in student success and excellence.

  • Values: Integrity, Lifelong Learning, Excellence, Academic Freedom, Diversity.


Texas Department of Regulations and Licensing

ALAI is a fully accredited institution offering fifties of government Licenses and certificates in school programs with 37 Licenses and certificates available entirely online. 

We invite you to take your next step toward a successful future today.




Our administration consists of a diverse group of academic and non-academic professionals dedicated to supporting all ALAI students, faculty and staff.

  • Academic Affairs

  • General Counsel

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing & Communications

  • Medical Aesthetics Lab.

  • Ippo Daro Med Spa

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