Do I have to be an aesthetician or have any medical background to work in the laser industry?

With very few exceptions (California, Georgia, New Jersey, Ohio, and Florida), most states do not require any professional medical training or even an aesthetician’s license to perform cosmetic laser procedures.

Although laser certification is a natural and profitable complement to an aesthetician’s training repertoire, anyone can become a certified laser technician. In American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, students come from all walks of life with many different levels of experience. 

I’m considering laser training, but I’m also interested in becoming an aesthetician. Which training should I do first?

The most economical choice is to do your laser training first. Many people like the idea of being able to provide facials, peels, microdermabrasion, and laser services for their clients. However, aesthetician training generally requires 720 hours of class time (about four months full-time, or eight months part-time) while laser training takes only 2 weeks.

Once you receive your laser certification, you will be fully prepared to enter the medical aesthetics workplace. This will allow you to earn income (even if only part-time) while you attend aesthetician school.

If you chose to pursue your aesthetician’s license before laser certification, you would not be able to work part-time doing aesthetics or laser while in aesthetics school. For these reasons, most individuals choose to take laser courses first. In some instances, students have found they enjoy doing laser so much that they opt not to pursue an aesthetics’ license. The choice is all yours and we are more than happy to assist you!


Do I have to be a licensed aesthetician or have any type of medical background to work in the laser industry? 


In the State of Texas, no, you do not need to have any type of medical background or be a licensed aesthetician to work in the laser industry. Although having an aesthetician license can naturally appeal more profitable, American Laser & Aesthetics Institute welcomes people of all backgrounds. One shared commonality between all of our students is their zeal for the laser and beauty industry.  

How long do your courses typically take to complete?

We offer a variety of courses that have schedules unique to them. Please contact our admissions director for more information on scheduling.

What should I expect my class schedule to look like?

The class schedule will typically consist of full-time classes that start at 9am and conclude at 5pm. You my also choose to attend part-time and start at 6pm and end at 10pm. At ALAI, we are very accommodating and are happy to tailor a schedule that will best suit your needs.

What’s the difference between an aesthetician and a laser technician? 


Aestheticians typically perform treatments like sugar scrubs, chemical peels, cleansing facials, and waxing whereas laser technicians can give treatments ranging from laser hair removal, laser wrinkle reduction, laser tattoo removal, laser cellulite reduction, photofacials, and much more. 


Is it easier to get a job in cosmetic lasers if you already have an aesthetics or any type of medical background? 


Medical spas, and doctors’ offices are looking first and foremost for diligent employees with exemplary people skills and laser training. It is true that a few physicians may hire only nurses to perform laser treatments because they want the same person to provide cosmetic injections, yet many practices hire a laser technician to perform laser treatments, a nurse to just do injectables, and an esthetician to focus on just facials. Most clients are also looking for a qualified technician with an engaging personality. 


I’m considering laser training, but I’m also interested in becoming an Aesthetician. Which training would be best to do first? 


Our Laser Technician program can be tailored to all schedules and can be completed as fast as 2-weeks. Because of the high demand for laser services and the fast-paced program, we recommend becoming a laser technician before going to school to become an esthetician. An esthetician program requires 600 hours of class time, while laser training can be completed in 2 weeks. If your passion is to ultimately work with aesthetics, you will be able to earn an amazing income and work in your desired beauty setting all while attending esthetician school. 


2-weeks is not a long time. Will I be fully prepared to perform laser treatments on my own? 


Our 2-week comprehensive laser course is designed to give you exceptional knowledge and resources to prepare you for the responsibilities of a laser technician. Not only do we prepare you with a surpassing set of skills and knowledge, but we give of our time and resources to help you leave with outstanding confidence to prepare you for real clientele.  

How will laser training help my career as an advanced aesthetician? 


By becoming trained as a laser technician, you’ll certainly build a fine repertoire and be able to perform a wider variety of treatments for your clients. The laser industry is bustling and continues to grow so it will surely be tremendously beneficial to your career. Beauty will always be highly cherished and sough after, so the more variety of services you provide the more you are able to contribute to the happiness of your clients. 


Will I receive ongoing career support? 


At American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, we value the success of our students and we are dedicated to giving them our best well surpassing the classroom. We offer our time and resources that will help our students attain long lasting career. 


Does laser hair removal fall under my state esthetician license? 


Laser hair removal does not fall within the scope of practice of an esthetician's license in Texas. 

Except for Washington, Virginia, and Utah - which allow master estheticians to perform laser because laser therapy training is incorporated into the advanced courses required for this level of licensure. 


Does American Laser & Aesthetic Institute offer a Senior Laser Technician certification? 


Yes, here at American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, we offer Laser Apprentice, Laser Technician, and Senior Laser Technician certifications. 


Do I need to hold a state licensure as a laser technician in Texas? 


Yes, Texas enacted the Laser Hair Removal Statute in 2010. This required certification as a laser hair removal technician. Certification is dependent upon the completion of at least 40 hours of classroom training and at least 100 cosmetic laser procedures. 


What type of job can I get as both an esthetician and laser technician? 


Your opportunities are endless. Our students love the ability to choose from a variety of workspaces. Depending on your preferences, you could go on to work for a dermatology office, physician’s office, work on a contract basis, or even begin your own business. 


Can I receive laser and advanced aesthetics training as a cosmetologist? 


Yes, and yes! You don’t have to have any experience or specific qualifications to become a laser technician. In fact, having a cosmetology license allows you to have the ability to add a multitude of aesthetics and laser services to your practice. As a cosmetologist/esthetician, or allied health professional, you qualify to take both our laser and advanced aesthetics course. 


Do I need to get my esthetician license before I am able to receive advanced aesthetics training? 


A few of our programs require an esthetician license. In order to be able to receive advanced aesthetics training, you need to have a cosmetology/esthetician license, or be an allied health professional. If you do not have any of these licenses, we highly recommend undergoing laser training to begin with and then pursuing your esthetician license. 


If I am an aesthetician or cosmetologist, am I able to get certified in injectables? 


In the state of Texas, you need proper medical licensure, such as a registered nursing license to become certified in injectables.


As a licensed nurse, am I required to obtain additional nursing education or an esthetician’s license to perform cosmetic injections (in addition to attending AL&AI)? 


The answer is no, nurses are not required to obtain additional nursing education or an aesthetician license to perform cosmetic injections. Many medical professionals incorrectly assume they must attend months of specialized training in order to perform cosmetic injections such as BOTOX® and Dermal Fillers. A licensed nurse can perform these treatments after qualified training at a state-regulated aesthetics school. 

How necessary is it for me to take laser and aesthetic courses in addition to cosmetics injections? 


Injectables and laser are often used collectively. To be the most marketable in the health and beauty industry, you should offer both services in order to best treat and accommodate every client that walks in your door, taking the utmost consideration to their individual skin types and concerns. With that being said, offering both services are dependent on your individual values, passions, and goals.  

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