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Begin the Summer Revitalized- Reasons to Begin Laser Hair Removal This Summer

Different methods of hair removal have dated back centuries and continue to be refined and reformed. This can make us question what forms of hair removal are effective and why they are beneficial. In this day and age, more than likely you can attest to the countless Laser ads plastered on the billboards you pass on your way home, or even interrupting your favorite music station. Laser Hair Removal is becoming one of the more and more prevalent methods of hair removal in the beauty industry, even in rather smaller cities such as San Antonio, Tx. But why?

There is no doubt an obvious factor that plays a part in Texas. That’s right, you have named it's...Texas heat! A heat that does not just arrive in summer, but year-round! A heat so intense that it has brought on a revolution to put down the razors, wax strips, and tweezers. Because let's face it, there is no way that we should continue to put up with the razor burns, ingrown hairs, and overall uncomfortable constant maintenance.

So, this summer, let’s make a change. A change that will enhance the time you dedicate to your most adored summer setting indefinitely.

Not only does it enhance your life, but many attest that Laser Hair Removal is significantly less painful and a longer-lasting solution to their furry worries.

Yet, what is the true science behind this magic?

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser Hair Removal is a science, we can all agree to that. So, how does it work? We need to really be able to understand laser devices. Laser hair removal devices function by emitting a pulse, or pulses of infrared (IR) radiation which passes through normal skin and is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle. How does this destroy the hair? It produces enough heat to damage the hair follicle during the growth phase to prevent further growth.

The most common lasers used today are the ND: YAG and the Alexandrite. Lasers emitting IR radiation are used primarily because the energy that they produce destroys hair using a selective damage mechanism called photothermolysis.

What is photothermolysis?

Photothermolysis simply stated, means that heat damage to pigmented tissue (hair follicle for example) occurs when it absorbs the laser energy. Other tissues allow most of the IR energy to pass through without absorbing and are not damaged.

Factors That Contribute to the Effectiveness of the Treatment.

Melanin plays a significant part in laser hair removal. What is melanin? Melanin is the naturally occurring pigment in skin that absorbs IR radiation. Why is this important?

The amount of melanin in your skin determines the effectiveness of your treatment. Below are some factors that determine the overall effectiveness of your treatment.


  • The different components of the laser being used such as wavelength

  • Power settings

  • The amount of time between pulses

  • The duration of each energy pulse

  • The number of pulses per treatment

  • The training and skill of the professional

  • The color of the skin and hair of the person being treated.

  • The number of treatments administered The part of the body being treated

Expectation VS Reality

Individually and as a society, we are very result-driven. Don’t get me wrong, this is a very good thing, yet it has some fallbacks. We often want results instantly. And while there are times when we can have instant results, more than likely we must be patient and consistent to accomplish our goals. With that being said, I am sorry, Laser Hair Removal does not work miracles. You can’t just receive the service one time and walk away strutting hairless instantly. I can’t state this or hear this enough, trust the process!

Education is key.

It is often recommended that you receive at least 5 to 7 treatments to gain effective results. But remember, everyone is different and results truly vary and will be discussed prior to the service in the consultation.  Rest assured; your laser technician will guide and educate you through the process.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Communication is key.

There are going to be side effects with any service, so it is vital for your laser technician to communicate these concerns with you. It is best to have a thorough consultation with your laser technician- and do not be afraid to ask as many questions you feel necessary to feel comfortable.

Your technician will review a detailed pre and post care set of instructions to ensure your safety. Basically, a what and what not to do before and after your treatment. Remember how we said patience is key?

Well patience and obedience go together when following these pre and post care instructions. They are there for you. They ensure the overall effectiveness of your service. Just because you want this treatment, does not mean it always wants you. Meaning that some skin types and textures just do not respond well.

So, remember to be honest with your technician. If any of these instructions or requirements conflict with you, be sure to convey that. Your technician will be more than happy to address them and/ or suggest a different treatment to accomplish your goals. With that being said, if you have never done the procedure before, there are patch tests. They provide a wonderful little safety net for newbies!

How are patch tests completed?

A patch test will involve laser hair removal being performed on a small section of the skin to indicate how the skin reacts and to make sure it is not too painful. It is normal for the skin to appear pink and have a tingling feeling, accompanied with slight irritation that should alleviate within a few hours. You may also notice slight redness and swelling in he treated area. There is a possibility that you may also have a slight change in pigmentation. If you have light skin you are more likely to have dark spots form laser hair removal. If you have dark skin, you may encounter lighter spots from the treatment. 

Is laser hair removal painful?

There is not a black and white answer to this because everybody’s pain tolerance differs greatly. Many liken this feeling to being pinched or a rubber band being snapped. Regardless, to ensure your safety, it is important to convey if the service is too intolerable for you in order for your technician to recommend other methods of hair removal for you. 

Are there more severe side effects?

Although severe side effects are rare, they can likely happen if you use at home laser devices or receive your treatment by an individual that was not properly trained. When you are properly treated you should not experience scarring, blisters and skin crusting, excessive hair growth, and changes to overall skin texture.

Where to Start

Summers are waiting for us to unapologetically bask in them. This summer has brought upon many unforeseen changes, yet it should not prevent us from living a life filled with beauty and adventure.

There is something that will likely never change, and that is the unlimited access to the inspiring summer outdoors and inability to escape the Texas Heat. It is the ideal time to begin your journey to smooth skin that will ultimately leave you refreshed and confident when exploring the outside world.

At American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, we go above and beyond our dedication to provide a quality service. We want to instill a long-lasting sense of confidence and beauty within our clients, surpassing our doors. Our Laser Technicians love what they do, and it remains evident when performing each and every service with their clients. If you would love to begin your journey to revitalized skin, or maybe even venture into a new career, please feel free to reach out to us. Take this summer and run with it!

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