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Embark on the Ever-Evolving Eyebrow Technique - What is your Eyebrow Story?

As early as the 1900s, women have been fascinated with beauty, especially eyebrows. From a more refined and prim shape to a tasteful superabundant style. As a society, it is true that we have recognized eyebrows to be more than mere aids in preventing debris, sweat, and liquids from falling into our eyes. They inspire a revolution of beauty beyond the textbook. What each and every individual has managed to accomplish in their passionate self-expression with just one highlighted feature is astounding. The power of eyebrows throughout the decades indicate more than just beauty, but creativity and influence.

If you want to know what the best of the best eyebrow look is, I'm sorry, but it is just not feasible to put one look into a categorized box. Instead, there is much advantage in highlighting the evolution of eyebrow shapes throughout the years and tailoring it to your distinctive features.

Why become familiar with the ever-developing eyebrow styles?

Becoming acquainted with the various ages of beauty instills a zest of refreshing ideas to implement in our personal beauty regimens for years to come. With the ever-advancing world of technology and beauty, there has developed a wealth of methods to accomplish the perfect eyebrow look. Although within, it may feel that we have uttered ‘we have seen it all’ time and time again, there is a new sentiment raging at this age. These days and age are all about the, “what is next?” attitude. What is the next exorbitant look to enter our lives and how can we accomplish it? Unfortunately, we cannot foresee the future, but we can attribute to your brow inspiration when discussing a few shapes and methods that structure any perfect brow.

The Importance of Eyebrow Shapes

The eyebrow is a classic statement piece that often accentuates and balances the face. With that being said, many go to great lengths to maintain all of its glory. A routine that you could, in fact, call Brow Fitness. Yes, even if that means that an eyebrow or overall beauty trend does not suit them, or anyone for that matter. It surpasses aesthetics to a more profound artistic outlet. First, let's discuss the basics.

Eyebrow shapes are critical in defining the perfect eyebrow style, or just an eyebrow style that promotes artistry.

Below are a few gems that we like to personally go by, that can be applied to all eyebrow shapes.

Soft Arch: A soft arch is shorter than the traditional arch by its more rounded and less angular shape.

Steep Arch: A steep arch can often be characterized as a more intense, dramatic look by its infamous curved and define arch. You can often spot this bold look by the overall lift it gives to the common eye.

S-Shape: S-shaped brows begin with a lovely subtle touched low arch on a curvaceous brow and ends with a beautifully downward sweeping tail. It is often associated with an S shape.

Rounded: Rounded brows are simply a soft, delicate curve and a non-defined arch.

Straight: Straight brows are pretty much straight forward, remaining true to its title. They often have slim to no arch, almost completely horizontal with no vertical action going on. But don't let this deceive you, straight brows actually have a lot going on for them. They have the ability to appear exceptional whether it be a very tweezed, middle balanced, or abundant style.

Thick and Short: Thick and short brows can often become a staple when referring to more youthful and delicate features.

Thin: Thin shaped brows were all of the 90’s rage and still continue to build a fine repertoire to those with more delicate and petite facial features.

Again, there is no need to staple these shapes across your chest to implement them in your life religiously. These are just guidelines that in all honesty, create a wonderful foundation to aid in any creative and personalized enhancements. If you are able to encourage fashion forwardness when keeping up with the extravagant styles, we see consistently populating every social media outlet, then please continue doing so. All in all, our goal is to just help you explore and execute your divine eyebrow goals.

An Eyebrow Technique for You

Now that we have become a bit more familiarized with some basic shapes and styles of eyebrows, we want to know how to successfully achieve them right? Unfortunately, not everyone is born with the innate ability to fill in or design an eyebrow shape that best compliments their style.

No need to fret, thankfully our world has an abundance of advanced technology. If you are personally overwhelmed with the idea of having to constantly keep up with Jones’ in the beauty industry perse, we have a solution. Just one word, one technique. You have guessed it, Microblading.

What is Microblading?

Microblading uses innovative techniques and technology to ameliorate the brows. Additional popular names for this technique can also be called eyebrow embroidering, hair strokes, 3D brows, or a feather look. How is this technique achieved?

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure that implants stimulated hair strokes that closely follow each person’s distinctive pattern of hair growth. This is achieved with a sterile hand tool that holds very fine, small needles aligned in a single row. They are arranged on either a slanted, sloped, or U-shapes configuration in order to attain a hair stroke effect. If you are looking for a different effect, you can consult your desired look with your technician because there are a variety of hand tools that can achieve various effects.

Unlike traditional cosmetic tattooing, a microblading procedure implants color in the shallower layer called the upper dermis layer, rather than the deeper dermis layer of the skin. Does this mean that you can acquire any shape of your dreams? Well let's no get too carried away, but yes, you can potentially get ANY and I mean ANY design you would like, but a professional microblading technician would, of course, aim to apply color and design that will best enhance your features.

Is Microblading Safe?

Is this procedure safe and where did it come from? Microblading has risen to intense popularity today, yet did you know that this tattoo technique actually dates back centuries? Of course, it was pulled off in many different forms and ways than today. Some cultures would scratch designs into the skin using sharp sticks, wood, or stone. Ashes would then be deposited into the cut and the skin would be left to heal, leaving a semi-permanent design. Other cultures used finer tools to scratch designs and patterns using berries, fruits, and other natural objects of color to absorb into the skin, leaving colorful designs.

When Microblading is done by a professional, it is a very low-risk procedure. When treated properly, the only side effects one should encounter are slight redness, itching, swelling, and scabbing just within the first two weeks. It takes a month for your eyebrows to fully heal and it is crucial to come back for a touch up 4-6 weeks after your initial treatment.

Your first touch up plays a vital role in determining the longevity of your treatment! Because the purpose of a touch up is to correct any areas needed to be filled with pigment, the healing time is much quicker, lasting only 5-7 days. We already know your next question. Will you need regular touch up? Your first microblading session should be accompanied with at least one touch up included because this will help your microblading last 2 to 3 years. Regular touch-ups will definitely contribute to a fresher pressed and longer-lasting look, yet if there is no way you can get in for a regular touch up you must expect less lasting results.


There is one question left hanging. Is microblading for you? Well as we discussed earlier, eyebrow techniques are constantly evolving in order to make our lives easier and more beautiful. This is just one of the many techniques out there that can help relieve the constant stress in keeping up with the latest eyebrow trends and serve as a creative outlet. Encompassing a lifestyle built up by the beauty industry has been incredibly rewarding and our team aims to make a beautiful impact on those who enter our doors. We welcome you to enter our doors so that we can surpass your beauty goals.

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