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HydraFacials- Are They For Everyone?

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Who doesn't love a good facial? I know I love a good restoring facial, but I often find it hard to research the right treatment for my skin. If you oftentimes find yourself in the same situation as me, then the HydraFacial may be just right for you. The Hydrafacial is not just any ordinary facial, it is one of the most advanced facials of its time! The HydraFacial has grown to exponential popularity because of its ability to treat fine lines, congested pores, wrinkles, acne, and hyper-pigmentation immediately and virtually painlessly. This, in turn, improves the texture and tones of the skin with fast results. Virtually painless and immediate results? How can this be achieved one may ask. Well, unlike other dermabrasion methods, this gentler procedure vacuums out pores while concurrently pushing potent activates, which moisturizes, plumps, brightens and protects the skin. So say goodbye to residual irritation and peeling post-treatment and say hello to flaunting off your rejuvenated skin the next day!

Of course, the steps will vary because every medispa has a unique approach, but there are five steps you can use as a guideline; cleaning, extraction, exfoliation, hydration, and providing antioxidant protection. First, a cleansing serum is delivered to your skin while the spiral tip washes away dead skin cells. Then a low percentage glycolic and salicylic acid solution then loosens impurities and debris. Third, the HydraFacial device vacuums out impurities and debris straight from your pores. Lastly, the HydraFacial device delivers peptides and antioxidants for immediate hydration. When getting this service, feel free to simply address what you need to target so that a licensed professional can tailor to your skin-specific needs. I know I know, you may be wondering why I am suggesting this particular facial rather than the hundreds of other treatments that claim to do the same thing. This skin treatment is just for you because it is effective with all skin types and ages! Yes, whether you are a teen/adult dealing with acne, or older in years battling with wrinkles and flaky precancerous spots, this facial will address all of your concerns. I can only provide you a taste of the experience, so book your consultation now and experience it for yourself!

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