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Microblading, Microshading/Ombre, & Hybrid Brows

A Quick Guide to: Microblading, Microshading/Ombre, & Hybrid Brows

A look is never complete without amazing eyebrows, but there are some days where you have to choose which parts of your face you’re going to leave off. Ack!

Thankfully, there’s microblading – your best friend during rushed mornings who’s always got your eyebrows covered. Your aesthetician uses a pen with tiny needles aligned in a blade formation to deposit color into your epidermis. It’s similar to tattooing but a newer form of semi-permanent make-up that gives you a more natural look. The best part is that there are various methods of microblading to cover all face and style types!

Microblading – Hair-Stroke

Simple and natural-looking. Microblading, on its own, gives you individual hair-like strokes of color that fill in all the places hair may not be growing.

Due to its fine lines, microblading gives your eyebrows the hairs they need to look complete, but not the filled look you may be used to if you’re coloring your eyebrows in daily. With this method you’ll have two shapely friends waiting for you in the morning, so there’s no hassle trying to tame and align the usual morning unruliness.

How it looks:

Microshading/Ombre Shading – The Makeup Fill

A little more similar to the look of permanent eyebrow tattoos of the 1930’s, Microshading or Ombre Shading gives you the same effects as coloring your eyebrows in during your morning routine.

The deposit of the color utilizes the same needle-point technique of breaching the epidermis and gives your brows a definite pop of color to make them fuller. It is also semi-permanent and definitely best for those who like bold looks.

While a harder fill may not be for everyone, these brows help you skip the head-titling process to make sure your twins are symmetrical.

How it Looks:

Hybrid Brows – Combining the Best of Both

A happy medium between the fill and hair-stroke techniques, hybrid – or combination brows – are the best pick for more full natural looks.

The aesthetician first gives you your shapely brows with microblading and then goes in to shade the lower areas of the arch to give the appearance of thicker brows. The results are perfect for those who want that complete look that’s between light and bold.

This is the more popular of the types of techniques since it follows today’s trend of simplistic and natural makeup.

How it Looks:

The microblading procedure is painless and a set of new brows can be finished in one seating. However, there is minimal upkeep period for them every 3-4 weeks for about 2 more sessions before they last 12 months.

It’s easy maintenance to achieve your perfect twins instead of all that extra work drawing and filling them in – the perfect solution for someone always on the go!

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