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Revamp your Service Portfolio- Continue your Education in the Beauty Industry with Us!

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The Summer has come and gone, and we have yet to experience the thrills and family and friend outside gatherings that they were so notorious for. With time being essentially all we can rely on these days, why not take this time to come up with a plan that will forward not only our lifestyles, but our careers. The pandemics inability to compromise society’s values of beauty goes to show that it could very well be the game changer needed in your career. All of us of course have been affected with halts or complete shutdowns to our businesses or lifestyle, but it cannot shut down opportunities.

The Beauty of the Beauty Industry

Being surrounded by the beauty industry for many years has given us an exclusive look into the plentiful opportunities for growth that may go unseen. Did you know that there are scholarships even to attend your most sought-after beauty school? Now that we have slowed down, we have the time to do research. Yes, whether you will act on that research now or when the pandemic clears up, it will no doubt be fruitful.

Where Do I Start?

If you are completely new to the beauty industry in its entirety, just breathe and ponder. What attracts you the most to the various aspects of the beauty industry? There is a wonderful range from nail technicians to cosmetic laser technicians and everything else in between. Find your love and pursue it!

One Source

We do not want to just whisper sweet, yet unachievable nothings in your ears, we want to help you reach your career goals. That is why we have provided a wonderful source of scholarship opportunities in the beauty industry by the Beauty Schools Directory. We could save you a visit or two to your local café college career services with just one source. We have all been there when the only answer to our financial worries were, well, money that we did not have at the moment. Although we can not guarantee any winners, we can share some helpful tips in choosing the best program for you.

If you are already a cosmetologist, esthetician, or licensed in other beauty fields you are one step ahead and maybe this can help alleviate any financial struggles that come along with continuing your education. If you have ever thought about branching off to a more concentrated avenue of your cosmetology license, there are great scholarships that can help you continue your education into those individual fields as well.

What Scholarships Apply to ALAI?

At American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, we offer many continuing education opportunities for people from various backgrounds. Yes, that means that anyone can take some of our courses with no specialty/state license required and will not take longer than a couple of weeks to achieve. We are dedicated to providing innovative education that prepares students to receive quality and rapid, driven results.

There is an abundance of Cosmetology Scholarships in the United States and we want to share an astounding resource to help you locate these to ease into your new career!

Because scholarships have everchanging requirements and deadlines, we thought we would share just one source to not overwhelm you. Not only will this resource help you locate scholarships, but gain a well-rounded knowledge of the specific field you are looking into.

Our favorite scholarship and source for beauty information is the Beauty School's Directory.

We absolutely love the Beauty Schools Directory $2,500 Scholarship because you can apply it to all fields of Cosmetology, even Laser!

Here are just to name a few that can be applied to our courses:

General Continuing Education: For those who would like to gain continuing education hours are more than welcomed to take our courses for continuing education hour credits or for more product and service knowledge. In addition, if you are interested in a new or advanced career, you are eligible to take our Laser certification course in order to continue or start your post secondary education.

Laser training: We are the first Laser Institute in San Antonio, Texas and welcome all walks of life to enter our doors to experience the exceptional laser training we offer first hand!

Permanent Makeup: Did you know that we offer Permanent Makeup Courses? Yes, that includes a fan favorite, Microblading! Permanent Makeup gives you the opportunity to unleash your creativity into a service that makes others feel amazing and absolutely beautiful inside and out!

Esthetics: Although we do not have an Esthetics Licensing program just yet, we offer incredible advanced aesthetics techniques that fall under a Cosmetology, Esthetician, or allied health professional license! This gives you the opportunity to gain continuing education hours and a customized service portfolio.

What This Can Mean For You

Now that you have gained a foundation of what incredible opportunities lay ahead of you, please do not hesitate to ask us more questions. American Laser & Aesthetics Institute is dedicated to creating new opportunities and allowing our doors to remain open to all! We invite you to contact us today in order to find the best career avenue for you!

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