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The Hyaluron Pen- An Innovative Filler & So Much More

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Reversed Aging, Plump Lips, and Fat Reduction. Whatever methods you may or may not admit to trying in order to alleviate the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors, we are introducing a life-changing device into our list of services and courses. Whether you want to attain an overall softer complexion, perfect your perfect pout, or simply a slimmer figure, this device will help you reach those goals. You may be familiar with invasive treatments such as injectables or plainly undergoing the knife to achieve significant results. This device minimizes the pains and risks associated with invasive treatments by its incredibly safe function, with incredible results. It is nothing less than the Hyaluron Pen.

What is the Hyaluron Pen?

The Hyaluron Pen is one of the latest innovative trends to reach the beauty market. This is because of its ability to improve the overall appearance of the skin and volumize the lips while withholding safety to incredible proportions. It is a device that replaces the use of traditional needles used to inject hyaluronic acid fillers.

How can this be achieved?

This innovative technology contains a spring and a special piston to deliver filler at a high enough pressure that will penetrate the skin safely and evenly.

The Hyaluronic Acid turns into Nano Scale molecules through the use of the Hyaluron Pen’s pressure technology, resulting in effective penetration of the skin.

The diameter of this flow is 0.17mm, which is actually twice as small as the smallest insulin needle! Not only is the Hyaluron Pen structured in a way to optimize safety, but also only performs with the purest forms of hyaluronic acid to revitalize and lift your skin, provide optimal hydration, and boost collagen. 

What is the difference between a Hyaluron Pen and traditional Injectables?

Traditional needles used in injectables can be painful alongside with bruising, bleeding, and swelling. The Hyaluron Pen has virtually no down-time because it uses a pressurized system to deliver the hyaluronic acid filler instead of needles. Another major difference is the thickness of filler. Injectables have the ability to really transform the face by injecting a thick filler deep into the layers of the skin for a more lasting effect. The Hyaluron Pen can only reach the upper layer of the dermis (papillary dermis) and only withhold a very thin, liquidly form of hyaluronic acid, ensuring safety! Not to mention any potential scar tissue developing because of the trauma from the needles is completely ruled out!

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating substance that is naturally produced by our bodies! Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating substance that is naturally produced by our bodies! Hyaluronic acid is considered a glycosaminoglycan, which gives it the ability to provide moisture, retain collagen, and provide elasticity and flexibility with its high capacity to retain water and viscosity. (It is often found in lotions, creams, serums, and supplements).It can be found in the skin, eyes, and joints in the greatest concentrations.


As we age, some of our skin’s molecules ability to retain and bind water naturally decreases. This causes our skin to become dry, saggy, and droopy. The Hyaluron Pen can be utilized to reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles because of Hyaluronic acid’s ability to naturally plump up the skin by restoring any lost volume or elasticity. There is absolutely no down time because it is a minimal to no pain, needle-free application. In addition, the ingredients are non-toxic because the base ingredient, Hyaluronic Acid, is a natural substance that occurs in our body! 

What can the Hyaluron Pen treat?

The Hyaluron pen is completely multi-faceted, benefiting a multitude of areas! 

  • Reduces Wrinkles of the Nasolabial folds

  • Reduces Fine Lines without needles

  • Adds Volume to the lip without needles

  • Aids in Fat Reduction without the use of Needles

  • Facial & Body Contouring 

How does it aid in fat reduction?

A little less known facet of the Hyaluron Pen is that it can actually aid in fat reduction. Many know it for its ability to volumize the lips, but if you are not using it for fat reduction, you are missing out! How do it work? It works by breaking down fat cell walls by a chemical process called hydrolyzation. This in turn releases the fat cells’ lipid content.

Are There Any Risks?

Every procedure has potential risks, here are some potential risks listed below.

Potential side effects include:

  • Inflammatory skin reactions

  • Abscesses

  • Staining of skin

Additional risks when the treatment is done incorrectly, including:

  • Bacterial and fungal infection due to contamination during filling

  • Spreading of transmissible diseases due to cross-contamination between users

  • Damage to skin, eyes or blood vessels due to excessive pressure or operator error

If the Hyaluron Pen is being done by a highly trained professional, it has very limited risks because it penetrates the skin superficially and causes significantly less bruising and bleeding than traditional injectables. Your trained professional will discuss and contraindications with you in your consultation to make sure Overall, unlike traditional injectables, the Hyaluron Pen only reaches the papillary layer of the dermis making the treatment very safe and

Is the Hyaluron Pen Effective?

The results truly vary from person to person and the consultation between you and your technician is key! The effectiveness truly depends on the results you are seeking. For example, if you are looking to get a lip enlargement then the shape of your lips and volume you want to achieve all factor in. This treatment should only be performed by a trained professional in order to safely and effectively achieve the results you desire.


The beauty industry is constantly innovating new techniques in order to achieve each and everybody's' beauty goals. That is why there are so many techniques out there for your benefit. Which technique will best suit your needs? Maybe you personally have not had success with traditional injectable techniques or skin tightening techniques. This is your opportunity to give not just the Hyaluron Pen a try, but an assortment of new beauty techniques a place in your beauty regimen. We welcome you to experience these techniques with us by contacting our office!

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