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What Services Can an Esthetician Perform?

The beauty industry is built up of many licensed, experienced skin professionals.

You may be entrusting your licensed esthetician to preform skin treatments, body hair removal, or makeup application.

Regardless of which service, you may wonder, ‘Who qualifies to perform each service? '

Today, I will be explaining the different avenues of settings and services an esthetician most likely partakes in. 

There are two main avenues an esthetician can take and this will result in their varied work settings and services. An esthetician may work with basic esthetics services or medical aesthetics.

‘What is the difference?’ and ‘Does it really matter whether or not I know the difference in levels of education an esthetician has? ‘, some may ask.

The difference is often confusing because these terms are often used interchangeably.

These terms are often used interchangeably because there is not specialized licensure for Estheticians to work in a medical practice in the state of Texas.

What is an Esthetician?

Before discussing the various services and settings an esthetician partakes in, we must know what an esthetician is.

Estheticians are state-licensed health and wellness professionals.

Estheticians must complete a course of training and or education and pass the specific state written and practical examinations to earn licensure through their state board of Cosmetology or department of health.

All estheticians are provided a curriculum that addresses basic anatomy of the skin, facials, hair removal, exfoliation treatments, and makeup application.

These curriculums only address the appearance and over wellness of the outer layers of the skin.

Services Estheticians Provide

Examples of services provided by Estheticians include:

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Chemical peels

  • Light therapy

  • Thermage

  • Waxing/threading/chemical hair removal

  • Facials

  • Face and body masks and wraps

  • Makeup application

  • Manual or mechanical extraction

  • Acne treatments

What is Medical Aesthetics?

This term is commonly used when dealing with cosmetic medicine.

Medical aesthetics incorporates many of the same philosophies to that of a traditional spa and uses many of the same approaches to maintain the health and beauty of the skin.

Estheticians performing medical aesthetics often work in a clinical/medical setting alongside medical professionals and perform non-invasive skincare procedures on patients.

Estheticians performing medical aesthetics can perform the same services and are held to the same exact licensing standards as an esthetician in the state of Texas.

The main distinction between an esthetician working with aesthetics and an esthetician working with basic facials is that an esthetician working with medical aesthetics has pursued advanced qualifications through continuing education.

Examples of the necessary additional knowledge an esthetician working with medical aesthetics needs to have:

  • Potential pre- and post-operative complications

  • Medications commonly administered within the practice

  • Products and equipment specific to the practice

  • Protocols of the facility


Regardless of the different services an esthetician provides, we can all agree that they are essential to our overall well being.

Estheticians have made a tremendously beautiful impact on society, inside and out.

We encourage you to continue to ask estheticians about their knowledge and experience. This will help you to utilize and benefit from their personalized recommendations.

If you are an aspiring esthetician, don't hesitate to do more research and make it your new career.

If you already are an esthetician and want to advance your knowledge and services, please contact us to obtain more information on our Advanced Aesthetic courses.

At American Laser and Aesthetics Institute, we aim to help the growth of those with a passion for the beauty industry. We have provided the tools to enable you to be successful, it is now your responsibility to begin your new career with an ambitious spirit.

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