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Hyaluronic Acid Fillers- Absorbing & Plumping

Hyaluronic Acid. This ingredient has probably flooded your favorite skincare influencers' media pages. Although its heavy prevalence in the skincare industry, many do not truly realize its vital functions. This substance has been the essential moisturizing ingredient in most skincare brands as well as one of the most popular substances used to volumize the face and lips! Yet, in what way can Hyaluronic Acid impact my life? What exactly am I putting into my body? Are the results effective? Along with finding out the answers to these questions, you will find a new meaning for Hyaluronic Acid in your life.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

In order to understand the benefits of putting Hyaluronic Acid into our bodies, we must first know what Hyaluronic Acid is. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural occurring sugar found in our skin's connective tissue and its primary function is to lock in moisture to keep our skin healthy and hydrated.

How does it benefit the skin?

Hyaluronic Acid has a low molecular weight, enabling it to penetrate the skin with ease. It is then able to attract and lock in moisture to the skin. It can actually bind up 1,000 times its volume! This ability aids in skin rejuvenation and anti-aging because of its volumizing effect.

Now that we know that Hyaluronic Acid is ultimately one of the best hydrating substances and why, lets get into one of its essential modern day functions.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Have you heard of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers? If you have never heard of Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, we are here to tell you all about them. Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are injected into the skin through a cannula or needles in order to fill more hollow areas, add volume , and smoothen wrinkles and fine lines. It is most commonly used to enhance the lips and give volume as well as contour the face and body. One of its main benefits and reasons why we love to use it here at ALAI, is its ability to be dissolved in case of an allergic reaction or if the client does not love the appearance of their treatment. (At AL&AI we also use a specialized tool that uses air pressure to inject hyaluronic acid fillers called the Hyaluron Pen for a less invasive treatment)

HA fillers, depending on their specific chemical makeup, can last from six months to much longer before being gradually absorbed by the body. One of the main benefits of HA fillers, aside from their natural appearance when injected, is that they can be dissolved by a special solution in case of an adverse event, or if the person dislikes the appearance. Also, most HA fillers are premixed with lidocaine, a numbing agent, to maximize comfort during treatment.

Types of Hyaluronic Acid Derma Fillers

Most Hyaluronic Acid Derma Fillers are based on the same HA molecules, there are a number of chemical and physical properties that can be altered in order to achieve different desired outcomes by the manufacturers.

What are these different alterations that can occur?

  • Concentration of HA

  • Particle size

  • Degree of crosslinking between molecules

  • Consistency and viscosity of the gel.

What is the Treatment Like?

Here at ALAI, we offer the Hyaluron Pen Treatment as well as Traditional Injectables. The treatment process differs depending on which Treatment you choose. Today we will be focusing more on how we perform this treatment with traditional Injectables. The difference between traditional needles and the Hyaluron Pen is the Hyaluron Pen's ability to be less invasive. The Hyaluron Pen Treatment does not require numbing of the lips before hand and does not penetrate past the derma layer of the skin. For more information, please feel more than free to check out our Hyaluron Pen Blog!

No matter what treatment you get, there is always of course a consultation! Whether you are getting Body/Facial Contouring or lip Filler, Face Mapping is essential in order to perform an overall balanced aesthetic, effective, and safe treatment. A Technician who has comprehensive knowledge of the facial anatomy and procedure will walk you through your treatment and concerns.

The first step is applying a topical anesthesia. Most commonly used is lidocaine because of its effectiveness and less invasiveness ( most HA Fillers contain lidocaine to make the treatment more comfortable) . Once the numbing has been completed, your Technician will use a fine needle or thin cannula to inject the filler. Throughout the process your technician will continuously evaluate your lips and and monitor the amount of filler being injected to ensure your desired results. After removing the needle, your Technician will massage the area and observe the area for a few minutes to ensure the results are to your liking.

The Treatment length typically runs 30-45 minutes and there is not much down-time at all. Your Technician will give you After Care Instructions.

How Long Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Last?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers range in longevity because there are many factors associated with it. Here are few factors below to consider;

  • Type of Derma Filler Used

  • Amount of Filler Used

  • How Fast your Body Absorbs the Filler

At American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, you can expect the results from your lip fillers to last about 3-6 months. This estimate is based on how long the fillers we personally buy last. We use INOBELLE & REGENOVUE Fillers that are non-toxic and last 3 to 6 months. It has the potential to last longer or dissolve quicker based on the previous mentioned factors.

How Treatments Do I Need For the Best Results?

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are not permanent. The beauty of this treatment is that the results depend on your personal desired taste. Here at ALAI, we recommend at least two initial treatments spaced a week apart and then a touch up every 3 to 6 months. Touch-ups heavily depend on what type of HA Filler is used and what party of the face you are using it on.

Are There Any Side Effects?

There are not many side-effects to this treatment, but you can expect mild bruising, soreness, and a little bit of swelling after the service. It can take up to 2-weeks for the Hyaluronic Acid Filler to completely set in.

Below are a set of rare risks associates with this treatment that should not occur if done by a Trained Professional.

  • Signs of Infections

  • Severe Swelling

  • Sever Bruising

  • Asymmetry where the lips appear different sizes on one side or the other or the top and the bottom lips do not appear to match

  • Lumps

  • Tissue loss from the injection being put into a blood vessel

  • Scars

  • Stiffened lip

  • Ulceration

  • Allergic reaction (itching, swelling and redness

After Care

If you received lip filler it is essential not to have any dental work and to remain very gentle for about 2-weeks. You should also avoid touching your lips too much because you could invite infection and impede the healing process. Oh, and kissing may just be a little off limits sorry! Your significant other will thank you later for maintaining those beautiful lips!

If you have received Face Filler then you want to do your best to ice as much as you can for the first several days . We recommend icing 20 minutes at a time and taking a 20 minutes break in between as well. You may also encounter headaches or pain but Motrin or Tylenol can alleviate a lot of the pain. It is also important to massage the area that was treated because you may encounter some lumps and bumps. Lastly, you may feel a bit of itching , welts, and some redness. We highly recommend Benadryl for the itching & welts.

What Does This Mean For Me?

The Aesthetics industry has advanced tremendously and the treatments only become safer and more effective. The Hyaluronic Acid Fillers are widely used across the country because of their effective and safe results! Remember, our bodies naturally absorb hyaluronic acid, so when used for filler, it will not remain permanently. It is the perfect substance to enhance our already beautiful features without having to undergo drastic invasive procedures. Try it to accomplish that Picture Perfect Pout and so much more!

It is vital to have a consultation when choosing a Professional to do your treatment. At American Laser & Aesthetics Institute, we can alleviate your worries by providing a consultation that will answer all of your questions and concerns. Most importantly, we will help you achieve your desired results safely and effectively to build your confidence! Book Your consultation Today.

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